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My love for music and creative instincts have meant that I put a lot of energy in my production work. That results in quality out.

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Blakk Rasta does Reggae music pouring out conscious lyrics about Blackness, Rasta and spiritual love. Sometimes the music has some Jamaican influences and touches.

The music is done in English, Jamaican Patois and some African languages. Live instruments are used in recording Blakk Rasta’s Reggae. Harmonies are never compromised. Blakk Rasta loves female harmonies backed by powerful harmonies from the horn family. Roots reggae is the backbone of Blakk Rasta’s music though a few dancehall vibes and toasts come flinging in.

Dub poetry is another aspect of his music. People who will not enjoy Blakk Rasta's music are those who hate Black consciousness and social justice.




This single tells the story of conspiracy and connivance which seems to have been lost on African nations. It's time Africa woke up from its slumber to recognise the big conspiracy.


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